Visual Literacy

Under the visual literacy tab there are six categories of images to look through. Most of these notes and sketches Wendy drew on an Ipad, but some were created on paper with pencils, and crayons. These images are examples of how becoming visually literate can strengthen your note taking of the world. This area of the website will continue to update as more of Wendy's notes become available.

Visual literacy is conveying ideas with pictures that are labeled and diagrammed. Sketching the people and scenes you might see along your path helps to visually record the moment. Drawing has positive impacts on memory, experience, and retention of information. Take visual notes with ease by training with Wendy in Drawing Children Into Reading's Connection Project or completing the Connection Level on the Drawn to Discover website. Both of these avenues of learning will teach art techniques such as shading, shadowing, drawing in perspective, inventing new colors and how to see an image as shapes (making it less intimidating to draw). Use these transferable skills to take meaningful notes in a meeting, on vacation or wherever life takes you. We see in pictures so learning to draw can only enhance the depth of your observational experience and help you to recall the memory associated with an image. In a world that needs peace and beauty, drawing is a whole lot of fun and looks beautiful too!

Wendy Anderson Halperin   Copyright 2020