Turn Turn Turn

Turn! Turn! Turn!
 Adapted by Pete Seeger
 Pictures by Wendy Anderson Halperin


    For thousands of years Ecclesiastes' beautiful words have inspired and given solace to people all over the world.
to everything there is a season

Pete Seeger was so moved by these words that he set the psalm to music and added a refrain and a line of his own. "Turn! Turn! Turn!" was recorded in 1962 by the Byrds. You can still hear the song on the radio today -- more than forty years later. Now Wendy Anderson Halperin lends her talent and artistic vision to the famous song, creating a book like no other. Wendy's art invites you to turn, turn, turn the pages and investigate all the different ways people live and laugh, love and mourn, and the ways in which war and peace affect humanity. It's your turn now, to read the words of Ecclesiastes, listen to Pete Seeger's music, gaze at Wendy Anderson Halperin's illustrations, and contemplate what being human is all about.Click on the bar below for more information.

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 "This rich and thoughtful book uses beautifully detailed artwork to bring new life to a familiar song. On the first page, the verse is printed on an illustration of the Earth with the repeated word "Turn!" encircling it. The focus of each of the following spreads is a large circle filled with small pictures.... Many details will beg for discussion ... this is a book for all collections." - School Library Journal

"The words come from Ecclesiastes, the music from Pete Seeger, and Halperin provides distinctive artwork that truly fits the text." - Booklist

"Singer-songwriter Pete Seeger and acclaimed illustrator Wendy Anderson Halperin team up for a touching, unique perspective on Seeger's folk song, based on the words from Ecclesiastes. With lush spreads that radiate the gentle power of Halperin's intricate artwork, the book divides each of the song's comparisons into halves of a circle, showing the myriad ways in which humans experience them." - Barnes and Noble Review

"This attractive volume provides a lovely introduction to a timeless verse and a beloved song for a new generation of children, and invites deeper consideration for those already familiar with both. All ages." - Publisher's Weekly

"Seeger himself makes occasional appearances in the pictures, and adds a closing account of how-and why-the song came to be written. Halperin is in top form here, creating a worthy, engrossing exegesis for the timeless wisdom of Ecclesiastes. Packaged with musical arrangement, and a CD with versions of the song by Seeger and the Byrds." - Kirkus Reviews

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