Thank You, God, For Everything (Hardcover)
Story by: August Gold
Illustrations by: Wendy Anderson Halperin


In her introduction, Gold, the spiritual director of Sacred Center New York, notes that the happiest people see everything in their lives—both the good and the bad—as reasons to be thankful. Her goal here is to "show young readers how to develop their own thankful eyes." Both she and artist Halperin do that beautifully in this story of a young girl who mulls over what to be thankful for. Her mother tells her to look around, and when she does, Daisy sees a world of wonderment. In her signature softly colored style, which often incorporates many scenes into a two-page spread, Halperin takes everyday doings and elevates them. Daisy thanks God for all she gets to do: read a book, play the piano, and hug her grandmother. She is thankful for the people she meets and the animals that inhabit her world. Each grouping of pictures shows the world's diversity. In a particularly effective spread, she thanks God for the breath of life, and the many square close-ups show noses, beaks, and trunks. A more solitary spread pictures Daisy alone with a large candle, thanking God for being her friend when she is sad or scared. By the book's conclusion Daisy has found she can be thankful for . . . everything. And young readers will be ready to find their own answers.

— Ilene Cooper


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