The Secret Remedy Book


The Secret Remedy Book:
A Story of Comfort and Love
By: Karin Cates
Illustrations by: Wendy Anderson Halperin


Lolly loves to visit her Auntie Zep. But when her mother and father leave her alone with Auntie Zep for a whole month, a great sadness develops in Lolly and she can't make it go away. So Auntie Zep finds the perfect remedy for Lolly's sadness, the Great-Great-Grandmother's Secret Remedy Book. The book contains seven different remedies for Zep and Lolly to share. Together they slowly drink fresh apple juice, plant a seed, feed a wild thing, read poetry, and much more. Click the bar below for more info.

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 "The best remedy for homesickness? Small acts of kindness, reflection and being in the moment.... Halperin's characteristic patchwork of pictures rendered in soft, bleached hues work to great effect here. Halperin's paintings simulate lovingly stitched quilts that nicely echo the Remedy Book's handcrafted, heirloom appearance.." - Publisher's Weekly 

 "There is always something more to find within the illustrations on each page, another story or detail to discover that you have never seen before. Lolly and her aunt have to complete all seven remedies before the owl hoots or the cure will not work. So, they set about following the directions in Auntie Zep's book. Each remedy offers new delights and at the same time reminds one of the simpler things in life, things we forget to do as we hurtle along from one thing to the next in our busy lives. If anything, this wonderful and special book is a reminder to stop and look about you, to realize that there are 'remedies' all about you if you look hard enough to see them.." - Children's Literature

 "This wonderfully warm and satisfying story is paired with Halperin's lovely illustrations. Her trademark details and patterns abound, with softened edges, muted colors, and quiet landscapes. Each spread tells just enough of the story, with borders and inserts that expand it beyond the text. Perfect for laptime sharing, this book will comfort and enfold readers like a faded old quilt." - School Library Journal

"Halperin's great gift is to make expressive and exquisitely detailed pictures: large ones to cover the page; and smaller related vignettes, often in a row along the sides or top or bottom like an ancient altarpiece. She does this to excellent effect in Cates's gentle story of Lolly, who at last gets to spend a month with Auntie Zep but finds she misses her parents terribly.... the pale radiance of Halperin's illustrations bring comfort and joy.." - Kirkus Review



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