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My Father is Taller than a Tree
Story by: Joseph Bruchac
Illustrations by: Wendy Anderson Halperin


PreSchool-Grade 1—Short, simple rhymes are highlighted by Halperin's wonderfully expressive, soft yet colorful crayon and pencil drawings. Each of the 13 diverse father/son duos is pictured on a spread in a large illustration accompanied by four small ones, showing the two sharing an activity, such as raking leaves, biking, or spending a day in the park. The pictures could stand alone with their gentle, loving depictions, and they are the focal point of this book. The uneven, singsong sentences are simple enough for early readers: "Dad knows the times I like to hide/and when to call me back inside./Pop doesn't need to buy me stuff./Just being with him is enough." Though the rhymes are unexceptional, the illustrations make this book a charming celebration of fathers, dads, pops, papas, and pas.—Maryann H. Owen, Racine Public Library, WI

Hardcover: $16.95




Joseph Bruchac's simple but lyrical text pays tribute to all the everyday things that dads do with their kids: "My father lifts me up so high that both of my hands can touch the sky." "We walk together in the park./I hold his hand when it gets dark." It pictures a world without video games, TV or movies. The message defies modern consumerism: "Pop doesn't need to buy me stuff./Just being with him is enough." Wendy Anderson Halperin's lovely crayon drawings softly tell as much as the words.  ::

Meet 13 unique father-and-son pairs who live in different places. Even though they are not all the same, their relationships show no matter how simple activities may be, they become special when dads and kids do them together. Beautiful pencil and crayon drawings bring each vignette to life, adding context where the words leave off.  :: Deseret News

All kinds of fathers doing lots of fun and interesting activities with their children are featured in a lovely new ode to fatherhood, "My Father Is Taller Than a Tree" (Dial, $16.99). Joseph Bruchac's simple rhyming text has an undercurrent of deep emotion, which is evocatively expressed in the exquisite illustrations -- done in crayon and pencil -- by Wendy Anderson Halperin. Young readers will particularly like the way Ms. Halperin uses a combination of large and small illustrations on each page to extend the story line. (Ages 4-8.) :: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Daddy Devotion is also alive and well in My Father is Taller Than a Tree, by another award-winning children’s author, Joseph Bruchac. This rhyming text features a variety of boys with their dads: old, young, white, black, Hispanic, Asian and even a blind dad. Wendy Anderson Halperin’s pastel illustrations show fathers and their sons enjoying splendid times together—playing the piano, walking on the beach, reading, playing chess, painting a doghouse. These tender scenes conclude with a panorama of sons and their dads, and this lovely line: “When I grow up and have a kid / we’ll do all the things that Dad and I did.” :: BookPage


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