Love Is...


Love Is...
Adapted From The Bible
Illustrations by Wendy Anderson Halperin


~ Love is patient. Love is kind.
 ~ Love is not envious or boastful.
 ~ Love is not arrogant or rude.
 ~ Love does not insist on its own way.
 ~ Love is not irritable or resentful.
 ~ Love does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but    rejoices in the truth
 ~ Love bears all things. Love believes all things.
 ~ Love hopes all things love endures all things.
 ~ Love never ends.




(All Ages) On each left-hand page, her panels depict people acting without love (ballplayers, bicker; a pedestrian ignores a homeless man). The right-hand pages show the same people performing acts of kindness. Touched by the joy, love brings (A child stands at bat: a woman (delivers meals-on-wheels). Other interpretations are subtler. A panel on the left spread illustrating love.. Does not insist on its own way. Follows the metamorphosis of egg to caterpillar to butterfly the next page reads love believes in all things. Some panels are reserved for continuing stories: as the pages progress, the house on the left becomes increasing1y dilapidated, while on the right a Sculpture transforms a block of marble into an enduring work of art (it's Michelallgelo an his David). Those who pore over the pictures (and readers will want to) will find references to Aesop, Cinderella, the Three- Little Pigs and more. With her thought provoking. An insightful visual example Halperin does an outstanding job of relating biblical text to contemporary, every day Life. ::Publishers Weekly::

(Ages 4-8) Who would have thought that the apostle Paul's famous words about love, often referred to as "The Way of Love" (I Corinthians 13:2), could be made into such a fresh. Splendid picture book? Brief text ("Love. ..Is patient Love is kind.') Runs across the bottom of the pages. With love's attributes (patience, kindness, hope, etc.) catalogued in delightful. Elaborately detailed, contrasting illustrations. On half of one double-page spread, for instance, II small scenes depict what love shouldn't be' a child sticking out Her tongue, an adult yelling at children, and a woman ignoring a beggar. On the opposite page, II altered pictures show a now-pleasant child. The adult lending children a helping hand, and the woman delivering Meals on Wheels. Older children will delight in searching out the many picture-book references-Cinderella, the Little Engine That Could, and Pinocchio (with and without his long nose}-and following ongoing stories that unfold in pictures in the lower outside comers of each spread. In one, a house Gradually falls into disrepair. In the other, a sculptor slowly creates a beautiful statue. The final spread, a spiral of small scenes, demonstrates images of ongoing love. A fine book to talk about and share. ::Shelley Townsend-Hudson::



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