Full Belly Bowl


The Full Belly Bowl
Story by: Jim Aylesworth

Illustrations by: Wendy Anderson Halperin


"What on earth is a Full Belly Bowl?" the very old man wonders-but he soon finds out. No matter how much he eats from it, the bowl magically refills itself. For the first time, in a long time the man isn't hungry. Then he discovers the bowl can refill itself with other things-even his one copper coin- and now it looks like he'll never want for anything again! His excitement makes him careless, however, and as he hurries off to spend some of his new wealth, he leaves the bowl right side up. And who can say what might get into the full belly bowl in his absence? Fully realized in Wendy Halperin's beautiful and intricate illustrations, Jim Aylesworth's whimsical folk tale will delight readers while striking a note of caution





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