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Story by: Marsha Wilson Chall
Illustrations by: Wendy Anderson Halperin


Bonaparte is devastated. He is distraught. He is desolee. His boy, Jean Claude, has been sent away to La School d'Excellence. And the first rule of La School d'Excellence is no dogs allowed. But Bonaparte is also determined- to see his beloved Jean Claude again. And so, on Monday morning, he marches up to the front door of the school. The registrar is firm: no dogs allowed. Perhaps on Wednesday they'll believe he's a student; or, on Thursday, a drummer in the school band; or, on Friday a lunch lady. Zut alors! His every attempt to see Jean Claude is thwarted. No dogs allowed. Will Bonaparte finally make his way into La School d'Excellence? Mais oui...only to discover that Jean Claude, also desolee is missing. Who better to sniff out the lost boy than his own beloved hound? Through the cafes and kiosks of Paris, across the wide boulevards, over farmer's cobbled walls, Bonaparte searches... With magnificent drawings, full of details to discover with each new reading, Bonaparte is a cold-nosed, warm hearted tail of liberte, egalite, and fratenite.


-- Sorry this book is out of print --



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