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The Full Belly Bowl Activity

1.Color in the Bowl
2.Draw a lot of pictures of the one thing that you would put in the bowl to multiply.
3.Cut the bowl along the front rim and fill with the drawings. The drawings can be overlapping the bowl

1.What would you put in the bowl to multiply?
2.Put something in the bowl for a friend. What would he/she want?
3.Put something in the bowl for your teacher. What would he/she want?

Open sheet for this activity


Love Is Activity

Have a student look up the word love and explain in their own words what it means.

Then have the student interview another student and find examples or situations in his or her life that shows what that word means. Ask what is the opposite of that word is and what situations they have been in that describe examples of it.

Create A Drawing:
In the spaces below draw an example of that word in the box marked "Love Is" and on the left side draw the opposite in "Love Isn't."

Another Idea:
Have the children do one page every 2 or 3 weeks and then at the end of the year they would have their own version of "Love is", and could put them all together.

Open sheet for this activity


Once Upon A Company Activity:

On this worksheet you are going to create, build and sell your own product!!

  • What are our talents? Is there a need for anything?

  • What are some natural resources in our town to make our products?

  • What could our product be?

  • What is our product?

  • Who would buy our product?

  • Design a trademark logo.

  • What are the jobs each person will have in making our product?

  • Who in our community can help us build or plan our product?

  • What is the benefit of our product?

  • What materials will we need to create our product, and how much will they cost?

  • Where can you find the best deals for materials? Example: Recycle Centers, Construction Sites:

  • What do we have at our homes we can use?

  • Where will we sell our product?

  • How much will our product cost?

  • After You Sell It What will you do with the money you earn?

  • Save it for college?

  • What is college?

  • Why would saving for college be a good idea when you’re young?

  • Could you imagine "distributors" to sell your product?

  • Could you sell your product "wholesale" to a store where they could sell it?

    Open sheet for this activity (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)
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